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Laura LeBrun Hatcher

Laura LeBrun Hatcher

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Laura LeBrun Hatcher

Creative Director-Owner/Adjunct Professor

Hatcher Design Office/Towson University

When Laura LeBrun Hatcher’s son had his first seizure four years ago and ended up in a coma, she was alarmed to find out there were no patient education materials.

It was a scary time, and his seizures — which could be fatal if left untreated — continued even after he came home, including at night when everyone was sleeping.

Hatcher, creative director and owner at Hatcher Design Office and an adjunct professor at Towson University, decided to see what she could do.

She approached Johns Hopkins and Kennedy Krieger Institute. They have since produced a 12-page booklet together about epilepsy. Hatcher hopes it one day will be distributed nationally.

Her clients had already included Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins University, and she had experience doing patient education materials.

“Being able to apply that experience with something I personally struggle with, it was very empowering,” Hatcher said.

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