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Rachael Ann Barnett

Administrative Law Judge

Office of Administrative Hearings 

Rachael Ann Barnett has spent her career working for the state of Maryland.

“I believe in the value of public service and what it has to offer,” Barnett said. “I interned with [the attorney general’s] office in law school, and I felt the people that were working there were doing really important work and also having a good work/life balance.”

In 2013, she was named an administrative law judge for the Office of Administrative Hearings. She hears cases on behalf of 30 state agencies including those that involve child abuse and involuntary mental health commitments.

“I think that what we do affects people’s lives in a very personal and often permanent way,” she said.

Barnett, 34, also serves as chair of the administrative law section for the Maryland State Bar Association.

Barnett previously worked for the Office of the Attorney General, where she was a staff attorney and later assistant attorney general.