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Sarah Coffey Frush

Supervising Attorney

Maryland Legal Aid

Five years ago, Sarah Coffey Frush managed the opening and operation of an experimental legal aid project serving Anne Arundel County.

It is now the District Court Self-Help Center, a statewide program that has helped more than 80,000 Marylanders with legal advice for civil matters like evictions, domestic violence orders, car repossessions and debt collection.

“It came out of concern that you had all of these self-represented litigants who needed to access the court system but couldn’t,” Frush said. “There are still many people to reach that we haven’t reached yet, but we’re filling a gap.”

Frush, 37, is supervising attorney of the center at Maryland Legal Aid, a nonprofit law firm providing civil legal services.

She works to provide meaningful access to justice. Frush also devotes time outside the office to help with the humane treatment of animals and the legal needs of returning service members.