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Marianne Navarro

Anchor Institution Coordinator

Department of Housing and Community Development, City of Baltimore

Developing and implementing a community and economic development strategy in coordination with the Baltimore Mayor’s Office is just a part of Marianne Navarro’s job as anchor institution coordinator for the city’s Department of Housing and Community Development. She also advocates for related projects in the city’s Capital Improvement Plan budget to implement community planning objectives.

“I wholeheartedly believe in the mayor’s vision to grow the city of Baltimore population by 10,000 families in 10 years while also supporting Baltimore as a premier business destination,” she said.

Navarro has spent her career working in the public sector, including working as the senior economic development officer for the Baltimore Development Corp., a planner for Laurel in Prince George’s County and an economic development associate for Annapolis. She also has been involved with the Baltimore Integration Partnership, York Corridor Collective, Homewood Community Partners Initiative Task Force and other professional groups.