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Residents could see BGE rate hikes

A Maryland Public Service Commission judge has approved a settlement that could raise energy rates for Baltimore Gas and Electric customers.

WBAL-TV reports if the commission approves the new rates, electric bills for BGE customers will increase by 96 cents per month for electricity and roughly $3.40 for gas. Customers signed up for both gas and electric service will face hikes of more than $4 each month.

BGE says the hikes are necessary to ensure its infrastructure is operating safely and efficiently.

If approved, the rate hikes will go into effect on or after Dec. 15.

One comment

  1. Sirs;
    Must be nice to have monopoly on utility use. Charge what ever they want and get it because of the lack of competition. Let another utility company in and the price would drop. It’s the old form of gasoline price wars. Those who are spoiled by the huge profits they can make will not give those profit margins up easily and that’s why the Canadian pipeline won’t be allowed. The price of gas or any other oil product would fall through the floor and so would the corporate profits. Those in control won’t let this happen. Greed is the bottom line.