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In the matter of the estate of Doris M. Low

Appellant, a foundation, appeals from the decision of the Orphans’ Court for
Baltimore City dismissing its Exceptions to the Third Administration Account. The decision of the orphans’ court, in effect, validated decedent’s July 8, 1998, Last Will and Testament and ordered appellee, the decedent’s sister, to pay appellant $2,757.70 from the proceeds of the sale of decedent’s real property. This amount, which entailed the available funds in the decedent’s bank accounts, was made in accordance with the 1998
will. The unspoken effect of the decision, however, was that the remaining proceeds from the sale would pass via intestate succession to appellee.
Appellant appeals from this decision of the Orphans’ Court and presents the
following question for our review, which we have rephrased as follows:

Whether the orphans’ court’s order created an intestacy as to the decedent’s real property acquired after execution of the will, in contravention of the presumption against intestacy codified in MD. CODE ANN., EST. & TRUSTS § 4-402 (West 2014).

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