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In the matter of the estate of Dorothy B. Sensibaugh

Appellant Bernard Sensibaugh, Jr. appeals from the decision of the Orphans’ Court for Anne Arundel County granting Appellees’, Giovanni Alberotanza, Personal Representative for the Estate of Dorothy B. Sensibaugh (the “Estate”), and Stuart Rombro, Counsel for the Estate, Petition for Counsel Fees (“Petition”). Appellees filed a petition on December 14, 2012, for $90,000 in attorneys’ fees arising out of services rendered to the Estate by Rosenberg Martin Greenberg, LLP (“RMG”). After a one-day hearing in April 2013, the Orphans’ Court granted Appellees’ Petition in a May 2013 order. Appellant appeals from this order and presents the following questions for our review, which we have consolidated and rephrased as follows:

I. Whether the Orphans’ Court erred in allowing the Personal Representative
to retain counsel under MD. CODE, EST. & TRUSTS § 7-401(x) (West 2014) without prior court approval and to seek the attorneys’ fees from the Estate without said approval.

II. Whether the Orphans’ Court erred in finding Estate counsel was entitled to attorneys’ fees for administration of the Estate, as well as for defending against litigation brought by appellant.

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