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Jeffrey D. Haass, Sr. v. Mark S. Coffman, III

This case involves a dispute regarding a 2001 option to purchase 60.419 acres of farmland. Mark S. Coffman, III, appellee, filed a complaint for specific performance in the Circuit Court for Cecil County seeking to enforce the option to purchase land owned by his father, Mark L. Coffman, Jr., and his stepmother, Marie H. Coffman. Appellant, Jeffrey D. Haass, Mrs. Coffman’s son and personal representative of her estate, argued that the 2001 option was not enforceable. The circuit court ultimately granted Mr. Coffman, III’s motion for summary judgment.

On appeal, Mr. Haass presents two questions for our review, which we have rephrased slightly:
1. Did the circuit court err in determining that the option to purchase was unambiguous, and therefore, there was no genuine issue of material fact regarding the parties’ intent?
2. Did the circuit court err in granting the motion for summary judgment without considering whether the option to purchase was unconscionable and lacked consideration?

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