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John Edward Workman, Sr. v. State of Maryland

After a jury trial in the Circuit Court for Carroll County, John Edward Workman, Sr., appellant, was convicted of sexually abusing his two sons while they were between seven and fourteen years old. Rejecting appellant’s defense that his sons, now adults, fabricated abuse allegations because he stopped supporting them financially after separating from their mother, the jury found appellant guilty of two counts of child sexual abuse and three counts of second degree sexual offense.

Appellant, who was sentenced to a total of forty years, raises the following issues for our review, which we have re-formatted:

1. Did the trial court err or abuse its discretion in admitting an essay posted by one son on a website into evidence and/or in denying the motion for new trial?

2. Did the trial court err in denying appellant pretrial access to the complaining witnesses’ medical records?

3. Did the trial court err in foreclosing cross-examination?

4. Did the trial court err in denying appellant’s motion in limine to preclude the State from referring to the complaining witnesses as “victims”?

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