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Good week for chicken farmers; bad week for employees of Angelos’ firm

It’s been a bad week for some employees of The Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos, perhaps one of the best-known firms in the state. Sources told The Daily Record this week that more than a dozen lawyers have been let go from the Baltimore-based firm, or about 20 percent of its practitioners.

Layoffs have also hit an unspecified number of staff, sources said. The firm’s website listed 61 lawyers as of Thursday, compared to 79 in October of 2013. Angelos, 85, is the sole owner of the firm, as well as majority owner of the Baltimore Orioles.

But on the other side of the state, and the professional spectrum, farmers have had a pretty good week.

Chicken farmers on Maryland’s Eastern Shore received a little boost this week after Gov.-elect Larry Hogan said his first fight upon arriving in Annapolis would be to oppose fertilizer regulations that some say are anti-agriculture.

The proposed regulations would limit the use of manure fertilizer with excess phosphorus levels. The rules are intended to limited phosphorus pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, which environmentalists say is a crucial step to protecting blue crabs, fish and oysters.

But farmers contend that complying with the regulations would be burdensome and expensive.

“We won’t allow [proponents of these regulations] to put you out of business, destroy your way of life or decimate your entire industry,” Hogan said at the Maryland Farm Bureau’s annual convention.

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