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The Circuit Court for Baltimore City entered a confessed judgment against appellant, Stanley Keyser, and in favor of appellee, Orlo Holdings NY, LLC. The court denied appellant’s motion to vacate the judgment. Appellant presents two questions for our review:

“1. Did the court err in not finding under MD Rule 2-611(e) a sufficient basis for an actual controversy as to the meritorious defense of Statute of Limitations to the Confessed Judgment action wherein the court should have vacated the Confessed Judgment?

2. Did the court err in failing to recognize that Orlo’s Response in Opposition to Keyser’s Motion to Vacate was in fact Orlo’s defense to Keyser’s Statute of Limitations, Assertion as to the Pledge, Forbearance, and Tolling Agreement? In fact, Orlo’s Defense is one that has yet to be proven. Keyser has a right to have Orlo prove the validity of the Pledge, Forbearance, and Tolling Agreement.”

Read the unreported opinion.