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This appeal concerns a juvenile guardianship that ended when Dustin R. turned 21. The juvenile court conducted a guardianship review hearing a few months before the termination of the guardianship case. The court orally announced that Dustin should continue to receive, after he turned 21, the same services for his developmental disabilities that he had been receiving under his existing guardianship placement.

In this appeal, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (“DHMH” or “the Department”) alleges that the juvenile court ordered DHMH to provide specific services to Dustin after he turned 21, at which point Dustin would no longer be subject to the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. The Department contends that the court’s ruling exceeded the authorization granted to the juvenile court by statute. After reviewing the purported final judgment, we must conclude that this Court lacks the power to resolve any of those issues as there was no final order from which an appeal could be taken.

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