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In biggest-spenders list, Maryland is near bottom

As the recession fades, consumers are breaking out their wallets again, writes Richie Bernardo for WalletHub. But not all spenders are created equal — depending on where you live.

WalletHub’s annual list of the biggest-spending states in the U.S. ranks Maryland near the bottom of the pile.

Adjusted for income and cost of living, the 2014 list has just three other states — plus the District of Columbia — as spending less than Marylanders: New York, Massachusetts, and California.

WalletHub based its rankings on per capita personal consumption of food and beverage (excluding restaurant and bar patronage), energy, housing/utilities, health care, auto and credit card debt per capita, consumer savings account averages, number of cars per household, average home square footage, and percentage of the population spending more than they make.

Of course, without the adjustments, you get a very different picture: Without taking into account income and cost of living, Maryland jumps to No. 18 on the list.

The state also ties with West Virginia for a good kind of last place, personal budget-wise: The two states have the lowest percentage of their populations spending more than they make.