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This appeal arises out of a jury verdict in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County finding Olga Carballo (“Carballo”) and State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company (“State Farm”) liable to Patricia Marek (“Marek”) in the amount of $10,000.

Carballo’s liability can be traced to an automobile collision in which Carballo and Marek were involved. At trial, Carballo conceded her liability, and the only issue in dispute was the amount of damages sustained by Marek.

On appeal, Marek presents two issues for our review, which we have rephrased as follows:

1. Whether the circuit court erred in admitting testimony that Marek underwent a neuropsychological evaluation for the purpose of obtaining disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

2. Whether the circuit court erred in declining to give a jury instruction on susceptibility.

Read the unreported opinion.