Fitness resolution? No shortage of gyms here

Maybe you’re among the millions who have sworn that this is the year to lose a few pounds and get in shape (you know, the same New Year’s resolution you had the last several years).

If you live in the Washington, D.C., or Baltimore metro areas, you can’t plead lack of workout facilities as a reason to tank on that pledge again.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that those two metro areas are among the 53 in the nation that, as of 2013, had more than 100 fitness and recreational centers.

With 698 workout sites, the Washington-Alexandria-Arlington metro area was sixth-highest in the nation. Not quite as many in the Baltimore-Towson-Columbia metro market, which came in 14th, but 352 fitness and recreational centers would seem to offer some choices.

So, there has be a different excuse. …

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