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Frederick Jones appeals from an Order of the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County granting Hyundai Motors America’s (“Hyundai”) Motion to Enforce Settlement (“the Motion”). Mr. Jones claims that Maryland Rule 2-311 entitled him to a hearing before the Motion was granted.

Both Jones and Hyundai agree, even now, that they reached a settlement on August 15. Unfortunately, the parties did not reduce the settlement to writing at that time, nor were the terms placed on the record. As the parties worked on a writing, a dispute emerged about the terms. The parties’ discussions stalled and Hyundai filed the Motion to Enforce Settlement on March 29, 2013—five months after judgment had been entered. Mr. Jones responded on April 10, 2013; his response did not include an independent request for a hearing. On June 19, 2013, without convening a hearing, the court granted the Motion.  Mr. Jones appeals.

Read the unreported opinion.