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Appellant Glenn David Adams is before this Court seeking to overturn an order by the Circuit Court for Cecil County. The order denied Adams’s motion seeking the removal of his name from the Maryland Sex Offender Registry and related injunctive relief.

The State contends that the appropriate procedure to challenge appellant’s registration on the State’s sex offender registry would be through a civil action for declaratory judgment, which appellant failed to do.

Because Sinclair is dispositive, we shall vacate the circuit court’s judgment, and remand this case to that court with directions to dismiss appellant’s motion. This disposition affects only the instant criminal case, because the relief sought is simply not available in this cause.

We offer no opinion as to when, or whether, appellant should file a separate action for declaratory judgment to obtain the equitable relief he actually seeks.  Nor do we opine as to whether the Court of Appeals’ opinions in Doe I or Doe II would affect the outcome of any relevant civil action.

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