Judiciary creates hub for ‘Serial’ appeal documents

OK, I have a confession: I have not listened to “Serial,” the podcast that has swept the nation and the world. Everyone assumes I’ve listened to it and then tells me I need to listen to it — perhaps because they think I’m a man of intelligence or perhaps it’s because they know my job involves covering court proceedings. Either way, the look of disappointment on the faces of people who want to discuss the details of Adnan Syed’s case with me remains the same.

I bring this up because the Maryland Judiciary has now posted on its website many of the documents related to Syed’s application for leave to appeal that is currently before the Court of Special Appeals. The postings coincided with the state attorney general’s office filing its response opposing Syed’s appeal. (As The Baltimore Sun’s Justin George noted, the response is new Attorney General Brian Frosh’s first significant action since taking office.)

Terri Charles, a spokeswoman for the Judiciary, said all future public documents related to the Syed case will be posted as they become available. The Judiciary has received “quite a bit of calls” about the Syed case thanks to “Serial,” Charles added, including from ABC News and journalists in Australia.

“Generally speaking, we don’t have many high-profile cases in the Court of Special Appeals,” she said.

For all of you “Serial” fans out there wondering what happens next, that is entirely up to the Court of Special Appeals. According to the Maryland Rules, it must do one of the following:

  • deny the application
  • grant the application and affirm the judgment of the lower court
  • grant the application and reverse the judgment of the lower court
  • grant the application and remand the judgment to the lower court with directions to that court
  • grant the application and order further proceedings

There is no timetable for the court’s decision. But now you know where you can find the decision once it’s made.

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