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Appellant, Charles M. Shryock, III, appeals the decision of appellee, Maryland Real Estate Commission (“Commission”), to revoke his real estate broker’s license and fine him $15,000.00 as a result of his misconduct in a residential real estate transaction.

Questions Presented

Shryock asks:

1. Did COMAR sufficiently put him on notice that a disciplinary action was possible for failing to give a form titled “Understanding Whom Real Estate Agents Represent” to the owners of the Property?

2. Was it necessary for the ALJ to determine that a management agreement was required for the Property in order to charge Shryock with a violation of COMAR for failing to put a property management agreement in writing?

3. Did the ALJ prejudice Shryock by including historical information about the owners of the Property in her findings?

4. Was there sufficient evidence to support the charges of violations of the Act and the Code of Ethics against Shryock?

5. Was the revocation of Shryock’s license an appropriate punishment for Shryock’s violations?

Read the unreported opinion.