Point Street Apartments — not Canton Cove

Daniel P. Henson III isn’t sure one of the design influences Baltimore’s architecture review panel wants to see incorporated into the Point Street Apartments project is such a good fit.

Urban Design and Architecture Review Panel members, during a review of the project on Thursday, referenced a few buildings, such as Union Wharf, as examples of the type of residential entrances and lobbies that Beatty Development Group and Henson Development Co. should aim for in their proposed 17-story Harbor Point apartment building. The panel argued those elements, as currently planned, are not large enough for a project as big as the Point Street Apartments.

Henson, after the hearing, was confident they could address most of the panel’s concerns, but he expressed some doubt about being able to incorporate elements from a building that doesn’t quite fit with the current proposal.

“I got the impression they were influenced more by Canton Cove, which is where [panelist Gary Bowden] lives — that’s a different story,” Henson said with a laugh. “Since I built Canton Cove in the ’80s, and it is a fabulous building, but I don’t know how you duplicate what was an old can company in a new construction building.”

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