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Senate Judicial Proceedings Chairman Robert A. ‘Bobby’ Zirkin, D-Baltimore County. (File photo)

Zirkin: Patriots ‘cheat constantly’

The jury in the NFL might still be out on the New England Patriots and “deflate-gate” but the verdict is clear for the chairman of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.

“I think it’s kind of you to say they crossed a line,” said Sen. Robert A. “Bobby” Zirkin, D-Baltimore County, “They just flat out cheat and the problem is, I liken it to drunk driving. The first time you get caught drunk driving is not the first time you’ve been on the road drunk.”

Zirkin, who is an self-described diehard Baltimore Ravens fan who “hates” the Patriots, made his comments Thursday during a call to the C4 Show on WBAL radio. The senator called in unannounced during a morning segment about the NFL review of footballs used by the New England Patriots 45-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday.

The NFL this week determined that 11 of 12 balls used by the Patriots was under-inflated and may have made the ball easier to throw and catch in poor weather conditions.

The team under Head Coach Bill Belichick has been previously fined and penalized for stealing signals of other teams. Don Shula, the former head coach of the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore (not Indianapolis) Colts, called Belichick “Belicheat” in an article with the Sun-Sentinel.

Zirkin went on to say that Patriots shouldn’t be allowed to play in the Super Bowl saying this incident and past actions “call into question everything” about the team.

“I have some friends who who are diehard New England fans. They are the only ones who are defending them at this point and time,” Zirkin said.

“They cheat constantly,” Zirkin concluded. “You think this was the first time they’ve done that?”


  1. What a tool this Senator is the ravens are the dirtiest team in the NFL there borderline bullys. U just hate how successful they r. The cowboys and redskins salary cap skirting now thats a advantage being able to buy better players. The saints bugging of the coaches box CHEATING! But since this is the patriots some friggin under inflated footballs r some big deal what a joke. U all hate what u don’t have and that’s a consistent w winning team. During spygate they had a 500% something win average after it over 700% so it kind of smokes the idea that they haven’t won a super bowl since because they can’t cheat. Tom Brady training like a Olympian that’s why he is successful the constant practicing. U wonder why the Seahawks aren’t joining in because half the team is hyped up on Adderall and peds but that’s fine oh that’s right Sherman was innocent yea because of some weak technical SPILLAGE bull Pete Carroll had more PEDS bust under his belt than any other coach and there repeating Superbowls hmm and they don’t even test HGH so keep on hating when u stop that’s when I’ll be worried because that’ll mean the Pats r having a losing season for the first time in a decade.

  2. Bravo to this senator for speaking the truth!

    Shame on the Patriots. The NFL used to have integrity. To reclaim it they will need to levy a heavy punishment to these constant cheaters!

  3. I personally don’t care much for football but I am very much annoyed by people that cheat in sports. Are you that big of losers that you need to cheat to try and win? I hope the Seahawks repeat what they did in the last Superbowl.