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At Hopkins, science gets social

What are students to do if they’re interested in both science and the humanities?

Johns Hopkins University thinks it has the answer.

The university launched a new major that enables students to pursue both interests: the medicine, science and humanities major, which focuses on the intersection of those fields.

The major is geared toward those who want to pursue careers as health professionals, those interested in issues that are critical to the medical and science fields, and those who want to pursue higher degrees in the humanities and social sciences.

Students who pursue the medicine, science and humanities major will not complete all the requirements for pre-med, but it’s possible for those students to work with advisers to create a plan that will satisfy them.

Hopkins officials say they hope the new major will help bridge the gap between scientists and those studying the humanities. Coursework will be designed for people interested in natural sciences as well as social sciences.

“In the rapidly changing landscape of higher education in the 21st century, interdisciplinary approaches are needed to promote intellectual innovations, and will forge productive connections between scientific and humanistic cultures,” said Beverly Wendland, interim dean of the Krieger School, in a statement.

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