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Johns Hopkins commits $15M for faculty research

Faced with a steady decline in federal research grants, Johns Hopkins University has opted to funnel an additional $15 million into faculty research over the next three years.

The money comes in the form of two new award programs — Catalyst Awards and Discovery Awards — that were announced Tuesday.

The Catalyst program is geared toward early-career faculty members (a full-timer who started within the past three to 10 years) looking to undertake “exceptional research or creative endeavors,” Hopkins officials said.

These awards, for up to $75,000, will help catapult the individuals’ careers at a time when other funding, such as startup investment or traditional grant-funding, is scarce.

The Discovery Awards will be given to researchers working in teams with faculty members from different divisions or affiliates of JHU. These awards are intended to promote cross-discipline collaboration at the university. Some of these grants will be reserved for teams that need startup funding.

“The academic leadership at the university wants our faculty to know how inspired by and supportive we are of the work they do to expand the horizons of knowledge,” JHU President Ronald J. Daniels said in a statement. “These awards are a substantial investment in the promise of our young scholars and scientists and the creative collaborations of our faculty across the university.”

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