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Tom Clancy estate update

When we last checked in on the battle over Tom Clancy’s estate, a Baltimore City Orphans’ Court judge gave the estate’s special administrator the power to sign off on business deals, including a pending one worth more than $10 million.

Since then, the administrator, J.W. Thompson Webb, has been given a few more powers in overseeing the estate, according to Orphans’ Court filings. On Jan. 8, both sides agreed to let Webb pay income taxes on the estate. Last week, Chief Judge Lewyn S. Garrett gave Webb authority to take “reasonable actions to preserve, maintain and care for” Clancy’s property in Calvert County and all tangible property going to Clancy’s widow, Alexandra.

Garrett also authorized Webb to pay a $1,500 invoice to a gun dealer who is storing Clancy’s collection. (Unfortunately, I have no updates on the status of Clancy’s tank.)

The judge still has not ruled on the underlying litigation, Alexandra Clancy’s petition to remove Webb as the estate’s personal representative in connection with a dispute over how taxes should be paid from her late husband’s estate.

We’ll keep you posted.