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No upfront tuition? Probably a pipe dream

Under the “Pay It Forward” plan, Maryland students would be able to attend college without paying any tuition upfront. But don’t get excited — the proposal is far, far away from a done deal.

A committee of the General Assembly heard testimony yesterday about a bill introduced by Del. Kirill Reznik that would create a task force to study whether “Pay It Forward” would be feasible in the state.

Under the program — which was proposed and ultimately shot down in Oregon last year — students could go to college without paying tuition until later on. They would repay the cost of their education over time using a fixed percentage of their income.

Committee members were skeptical of the bill, though, according to representatives for Reznik, and University System of Maryland lobbyist P.J. Hogan testified in opposition. There are too many questions over how such a program would work, Hogan said, adding that similar studies have already been conducted.

The bill was also introduced last year and went nowhere. This year’s version will now be sent to a subcommittee for further consideration.

Don’t be shocked if this is the last you hear of it.

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