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In 1999, a jury sitting in the Circuit Court for Harford County convicted Chadwick Lester, appellant, of two counts of armed robbery, two counts of robbery, two counts of conspiracy to commit robbery, two counts of first degree assault, use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence, and theft of property valued at more than $300.

In 2013, Lester filed a motion to correct an illegal sentence under Maryland Rule 4-345(a). He claimed that his convictions were a nullity, and hence his sentences illegal, because he was not brought to trial within 120 days after he had filed, under the Maryland Intrastate Detainer Act (“IDA”), a request for final disposition of the charges.

The circuit court determined that the IDA was not violated and denied relief. Lester then noted this appeal in which he presents three questions for our review, which are reducible to one:

Did the trial court lose jurisdiction over the case because appellant was not tried within 120 days of his request, made pursuant to the Intrastate Detainer Act, for final disposition of the charges, thereby rendering the convictions a nullity and the sentences illegal under Md. Rule 4-345(a)?

Read the unreported opinion.