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On July 11, 2013, in the Circuit Court for Dorchester County, a jury convicted Appellant Nathan White of possession of heroin and driving with a suspended license. That same day, the trial court imposed a sentence of five years and 151 days for possession of heroin and a consecutive sentence of five months and 29 days for driving with a suspended license, with credit for time served. In his timely appeal,1 Appellant presents the following questions for our review:

I. Did the trial court err in denying Mr. White’s motion to suppress?

II. Was the evidence sufficient to support Mr. White’s conviction of possession of heroin?

As to the first issue, we conclude that the officer who conducted the traffic stop of Appellant’s vehicle had a reasonable suspicion, if not also probable cause, to stop the vehicle based on his observation of Appellant’s vehicle spinning its wheels and his knowledge that Appellant’s license was suspended. The second issue was not preserved, as Appellant failed to move for judgment of acquittal as to the charge of possession of heroin, and even if he had, the evidence was sufficient to sustain his conviction.

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