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Modell grave defacer to become ‘Paul in Ohio’

I love hearing court stories about a defendant receiving some kind of alternative punishment for his crime, like wearing a sign that says he’s an idiot. Now, we can add “appear on the radio” to the list of alternative punishments.

Such is the fate of Paul Serbu, a Cleveland Browns fan who urinated on the grave of former Ravens owner Art Modell last summer and uploaded the video on YouTube under the name “BrownsFan4Life.” Serbu will discuss the incident on air with Modell’s son, David, Baltimore County Deputy State’s Attorney John Cox told The Baltimore Sun.

Prosecutors dropped charges against Serbu on Tuesday, with Cox telling The Sun he received information about an unidentified “physical condition” Serbu has. The Ohio man could have faced up to two years in jail and a $500 fine had he been convicted.

I searched online and could not find any specific information about David Modell’s radio show. He has been a fill-in host and co-host for conservative commentator Armstrong Williams’ radio show, and the two even discussed the crime on air in July. The two are also co-owners of Armstrong Williams Productions LLC, according to Wikipedia.

Some people would say public speaking is a far harsher punishment than going to jail. Not among those people, at least in July, was David Modell.

“My wish is that you spend a nice night with Bubba, ‘RavensFan4Life,” he said of the then-unidentified grave defacer.

Cox, the Baltimore County prosecutor, said he had a “number of conversations” with Modell prior to dropping the charges, according to The Sun.

All of this should make for some interesting radio.