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Lovers of gourmet burgers rejoice; subjects of tax liens not so much

Carnivores, rejoice. You now have another option for satisfying that craving for a juicy burger — just head to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, where a new Shake Shack is opening on Monday.

Opening at 400 E. Pratt St., it’s the first Maryland location of the national chain. Washingtonians are already familiar with the famous Shackburger (topped with ShackSauce), crinkle-cut fries and decadent milk shakes — there are four locations in the nation’s capital, plus several others in surrounding states.

But now Charm City is getting in on the action, and Shake Shack is striving to appeal to Baltimoreans’ hometown pride, with offerings like the Salty Balty milkshake (which includes all manner of decadent ingredients) and the “Pratt St. Pie Oh My” shake, made with a piece of blueberry pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies, a local favorite.

Five percent of all Salty Balty sales will be donated to Baltimore-based Moveable Feast, which provides healthy meals to needy people.

For these delicious reasons, gourmet burgers lovers are our pick for best week in Maryland. Our pick for worst week isn’t quite as juicy: subjects of tax liens.

The Court of Special Appeals decided that tax judgment liens never expire, meaning subjects of liens can’t expect to escape being forced to fork over the cash even after 12 years (the state’s statute of limitations for private judgments).

The intermediate court overturned a lower court’s ruling, and determined that the statute of limitations does not apply to taxes owed to the state of Maryland.

So, do yourself a favor and stop prolonging the inevitable. Just pay the man.

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