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Franchot gets vindication this week, while Mosby puts foot in mouth

The words “new sheriff in town” (uttered by Gov. Larry Hogan at Wednesday’s Board of Public Works meeting) must have been music to Comptroller Peter Franchot’s ears.

Franchot is our pick for best week in Maryland because, after years of having his pleas for procurement reform fall on deaf ears, his stance was finally vindicated in the Board of Public Works.

At the Wednesday meeting, Hogan questioned multiple agencies about their requests for state funding, which Franchot said was a welcome change of pace.

The comptroller said he was “fed up with business as usual,” and that he was glad to finally have a kindred spirit (at least in terms of procurement matters) with him on the board. The third and final member of the board is Treasurer Nancy Kopp.

During Franchot’s past two terms in office, he frequently voted opposite from Kopp and then-Gov. Martin O’Malley on funding requests.

“Having been on the wrong side of a number of 2-to-1 votes, it’s personally satisfying to be on the right side of them,” Franchot said.

But this week wasn’t so great for other Maryland politicians.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby will be walking into her department’s $1-million-a-year office this week after she was forced to abandon her campaign pledge of finding new, cheaper space.

While on the campaign trail, Mosby attacked former State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein for leasing the pricey digs even while making budget cuts elsewhere in his office. She said at the time she would look to move to a more affordable location.

But despite her best efforts to find such a place, Mosby was unable to locate an affordable office still within walking distance of the courthouse, according to her spokeswoman.

That means the city’s top prosecutor will be staying, after all, in the 65,367-square-foot, Class A office in the SunTrust Bank Building on Baltimore Street.

Mosby may have her foot in her mouth, but at least she’ll be comfortable.

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