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Sen. Cardin to talk U.S. consumption tax proposal in Annapolis

ANNAPOLIS — Sen. Ben Cardin is scheduled to talk about his progressive consumption tax proposal.

The Maryland Democrat is discussing the proposal Monday with Maryland business leaders in Annapolis at the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.

Cardin’s proposal would eliminate federal income taxes for most people in the country. It also would reduce the corporate income tax rate. Instead, Cardin is proposing taxing the purchase of goods and services.

The senator says a progressive consumption tax would improve the country’s international competitiveness by putting American-based businesses on a level playing field with foreign businesses.

One comment

  1. With all due respect, Senator Cardin’s proposal would benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor. A conventional family of four where the parents earn less than $100,000 annually in the aggregate or do so only by one or both of them working multiple jobs is poor. If you can’t earn enough money to raise your children without having to abandon them to go to work, you’re poor! Destruction of the family is a far greater threat than any form of terrorism.