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Toyja E. Kelley


Tydings & Rosenberg LLP

Toyja Kelley

Toyja Kelley

Toyja E. Kelley, a partner at Tydings & Rosenberg LLP, was named this year as an officer of the executive board of DRI, The Voice of the Defense Bar.

“DRI is the voice of the civil defense bar, and very well situated to continue in that role” he said. Over the past ten plus years, DRI has become a leader in the development and advancement of diverse attorneys. And “Personally, I want to continue helping the organization’s diversity efforts. I think there’s a lot more work to be done there.”

Kelley, who is in the fifth year of his partnership at Tydings and Rosenberg, also has been focused on improving diversity efforts at his own firm.

He has been a member of the Firm’s management committee and chair of its diversity committee for about five years and said he is very proud that Tydings & Rosenberg is one of the most diverse majority-owned law firms in Baltimore.

“There’s been a great push to get more diverse lawyers into the profession for more than a decade now,” he said.

While there has been some progress, the economic recession caused numbers to decline about five years ago. Just as firms’ diversity efforts were getting off the ground, Kelley said, firms that had to layoff attorneys often started with the newest associates.

Kelley said. “For some time, firms have recognized the importance of having a diverse group of lawyers.” “The key now is retention of those lawyers,”

Kelley said he is proud of the work he has done so far to improve diversity at his own firm and in the profession in general.

“There’s a lot more work to be done, but I’m proud of what has been accomplished so far,” he said.