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Dr. Janet Dudley-Eshbach


Salisbury University 

Janet Dudley-Eshbach

Janet Dudley-Eshbach

In the 15 years that Dr. Janet Dudley-Eshbach has served as president as Salisbury University, the institution has been transformed — both in terms of the campus itself and the academic level of its students.

In that time, she said, there has been more than $350 million in new construction on campus, and the footprint of the Eastern Shore campus has grown by more than 30 percent.

Dudley-Eshbach says she is most proud of the academic quality of the university, which is a member of the University System of Maryland.

Last fall, the school had just under 9,000 applications for a freshman class of 1,200. The school enrolls about 8,800 students.

She said Salisbury students increasingly are volunteering and becoming involved civically.

“We also believe that giving back is local,” she said.

At least once a semester, students go into the community to perform environmental clean-up efforts, prepare meals in soup kitchens and more.

“It’s about engagement,” she said. “We’re trying to instill in students a sense of civic responsibility and an appreciation for the differences among us.”

Salisbury also has increased its focus on international education, sending students abroad and enrolling more international students.

The university’s emphasis on professional internships and entrepreneurship has opened doors for many students, as well.

“True leaders succeed largely because of the people who are behind them,” Dudley-Eshbach said. “In my case that means the students, faculty and staff of Salisbury University.”