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Marriott to accept Apple Pay

Marriott International Inc., of Bethesda, announced it will become the first hotel company to accept Apple Pay. Marriott will offer guests the ability to pay via the iPhone app starting at 11 hotels this summer, including the Ritz-Carlton in Washington. “Approximately 75 percent of our guests travel with one or more mobile devices, and it is even higher among 25-35 year olds – a group that will make up a much larger proportion of our guests over the next three years,” George Corbin, senior vice president, Marriott Digital, said in a statement. “Millions of customers already use Marriott Mobile to quickly book a hotel, check in or check out. Now, Apple Pay can make it virtually effortless.” When it becomes available via the new Apple Watch, guests also will be able to use Apple Pay at Marriott hotels on that device, too.