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Guy Filippelli



Guy Filippelli

Guy Filippelli

Guy Filippelli is a software CEO with more than 15 years of experience leading teams to solve some of the world’s most challenging data and integration problems.

He now serves as CEO of RedOwl. The firm, founded in 2011, enables information security professionals and compliance teams to identify, monitor, investigate, analyze and report on insider-related risks. In other words, RedOwl’s Reveal platform is designed to help companies’ mitigate their internal risks, rather than focusing solely on external risks, such as hacking.

The company now is expanding and already has offices in New York and San Francisco in addition to its headquarters in Baltimore.

“By basically monitoring internal activity in a much more rigorous way we give these firms a set of tools to look at the inside,” he said.

Fillippelli said he enjoys looking ahead and anticipating problems that may occur in the future. Combatting internal security problems is one example, he said.

“In the last two years, the problem has really become significantly more important,” he said.

Recent high-profile incidents include the Edward Snowden breach of NSA data and the hacking scandal involving Sony emails.

“We’re trying to solve a very big problem for a lot of customers. We’re trying to do something very real, very rigorous,” he said. “And we’re trying to do it in the city of Baltimore. And we’re committed to winning.”