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Alan Blacker
(From Alan Blacker's LinkedIn profile)

Judge dresses down lawyer for ‘Harry Potter’-like attire

Last summer, we told you the story of the Welsh judge who reprimanded a defense lawyer for dressing “like something out of ‘Harry Potter.'”

Now, Above the Law, vial Legal Cheek, has a transcript of the discussion between ribbon-wearing lawyer Alan Blacker and Judge David Wynn Morgan. And it is delightful.

A sampling:

JUDGE MORGAN: … I am sure there has been something on the jury’s mind, and it has been on my mind, and I would be very grateful if, now that the matter has concluded, we can discover: What are these ribbons on your gown, please?

LORD HARLEY: I am sorry, your Honour?

JUDGE MORGAN: What are the ribbons?

LORD HARLEY: They are service medals, sir, for voluntary medical service.

JUDGE MORGAN: I am so sorry?

LORD HARLEY: They are service medal ribbons, your Honour, for voluntary medical service.

JUDGE MORGAN: Voluntary?

LORD HARLEY: Medical service. I have been an officer in both the St John’s Ambulance Brigade and in the Emergency Response Service.

JUDGE MORGAN: And you wear them on your gown as a matter of course, do you?

(“Pretty judgmental for a grown man wearing a wig,” Above the Law notes.)

Another part of the conversation:

JUDGE MORGAN: I have not been able to see them but I also understand that you have some badges attached to your gown, is that right?

LORD HARLEY: I have the badge of my regimental association, your Honour, who paid for a substantial part of my education in the law and as an advocate …

JUDGE MORGAN: All credit to them, I am sure.

LORD HARLEY: Thank you, your Honour

You can feel the sarcasm dripping from the transcript.

As if this posts needs a kicker, Blacker, when asked for comment by Legal Cheek, declined.

“Dear Sirs and Mesdames,” he wrote. “His Lordship makes no comments to the gutter press.”

[UPDATED 1:45 p.m., March 18 — Several commenters have pointed out that Legal Cheek originally got the information from, which posted earlier today that Blacker’s complaint to Britain’s Independent Press Standards Organisation against Wales Online was thrown out. A source in the story at issue referred to Blacker as a “Walter Mitty character. IPSO also threw out a complaint by Blacker against the Mail Online.]


  1. Pity you didn’t read the original article correctly.

    Above the Law nicked the story from Legal Cheek who in turn nicked it from the LawBytes forum:

  2. Legal Cheek actually got the story, as it eventually admitted, from another source, namely This has much information on Mr Blacker.

  3. Thanks, I will update the post.

  4. As we English say, you are a gentleman.

  5. heh that sarcasm too !