Cost obsession map
"Cost obsession" map (www.fixr.com)

Maryland’s ‘cost obsession,’ courtesy of Google

Fixr.com put out an interesting map the other day with each state’s “cost obsession.” To find the answers, it performed the Google search “How much does * cost” for each state and its capital and noted the most common result.

The map has some expected results — Colorado and “weed,” Nevada and “prostitution,” Vermont and “cord of wood.” But there are also some unusual ones — “minor” in North Dakota, and “private investigator” in Ohio.

For you lawyers out there, several states had crime-related results, including Utah and “speeding ticket” and Delaware and “DUI.”

Maryland, incidentally, also had “DUI” as its cost obsession.

Insert your Bernard Pierce joke here.

(HT: Wonkblog)

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