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Md. Senate gives preliminary approval to ‘rain tax’ bill

ANNAPOLIS — The Maryland Senate on Thursday gave preliminary approval to Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller Jr.’s stormwater management fee repeal bill.

Amendments to Miller’s bill included tweaks to protect a fee assessed already in Montgomery County, and strengthen some enforcement measures.

The bill was the only stormwater management bill left in the Senate after a committee voted last week to kill three other competing bills, including one proposed by Hogan, that would repeal the controversial stormwater management fee. Miller’s bill is similar to Hogan’s proposal, but also adds reporting requirements for counties that opt to not charge a fee. Counties that opt out of charging a fee would be required to seek approval from the state on their remediation plans. It also provides relief for nonprofit organizations.

A final vote could come as early as Monday.

In case you missed Bryan P. Sears’ tweets about the developments today, here they are: