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A lawyer’s reader’s digest

Alicia J. Gipe//March 24, 2015

A lawyer’s reader’s digest

By Alicia J. Gipe

//March 24, 2015

There is a plethora of books that can aid in the practice of law but there are six books that I find are essential to any lawyer (young or old). And if you’re thinking, “I do not have time for extra reading in my practice,” I would encourage you to find the time.

The following books are life-changing (or should I say, practice-changing) because they will inevitably make your job easier and you more efficient:

The Maryland Rules Commentary: It is the only annotated compilation of the circuit court rules. I purchased this book in law school and always keep it on hand. It is a gem to invest in because it is not just important to know the Rules but to understand the Rules, and that is exactly what this book accomplishes. I recommend that if you are going to trial, don’t leave the office without it. If you have a motion to write and/or respond to, start here. The Maryland Rules are great to have on hand but having the commentary to the Rules is a bonus.

The Maryland Rules: I don’t think this pick needs further explanation. Buy it (along with a highlighter and tabs) and become one with it .

Maryland Civil Pattern Jury Instructions: Many turn to this book near the eve of trial when drafting jury instructions but this book also is a great starting point when drafting a complaint. Additionally, the case law provided in each section is a great place to start for Motions and replies.

Pattern Examinations of Witnesses for the Maryland Lawyer: This is another must-have book for trial, especially for circumstances where your questions are being objected to and sustained. Pick up this book in case you are having writer’s block.

Anatomy of a Trial: A Primer For Young Lawyers: This book is an easy read that takes a trial apart in pieces and gives simple trial strategy that can be advantageous for any litigator. I enjoyed how this book frequently used real questions and arguments from actual trials to help bring the strategies and concepts to life.

Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People: This book is entertaining and is paired with stories for reiteration by a Wharton professor. It can be helpful in and outside of work.


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