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By indictment filed in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, Maryland, the State charged appellant, Jermain Jamal Williams, with robbery with a deadly weapon of Norman McFarlane, robbery with a deadly weapon of Meghan Walker, first-degree assault of Shamariah Yehudah, first-degree assault of Damion Dixon, attempted second-degree murder of Officer Pierre Boone, and related charges. Following a jury trial, appellant was acquitted of attempted second-degree murder and convicted on the remaining counts. Appellant was sentenced to an aggregate of 175 years’ incarceration for the aforementioned convictions. Appellant timely appealed and presents the following questions for our review:

1. Did the trial court err in granting the State’s Batson challenge and in reseating a struck juror?

2. Did the trial court err in not striking a witness’s testimony that defense counsel would “tone down” her cross-examination if she knew “who she was defending”?

3. Did the trial court abuse its discretion in (1) refusing to individually voir dire jurors about whether or not an excused juror had informed them about his bias against a witness and in (2) denying a related motion for mistrial?

4. Did the trial court err in permitting the State to play a recording during Zakiya Brown’s testimony?

5. Did the trial court err in admitting State’s Exhibits 26, 27 and 28?


6. Did the trial court err in instructing the jury as to expert witnesses even though no witnesses at trial were offered or accepted as experts?


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