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‘Tag,’ ‘The Blitz’ and other adventures with phone calls

Attorneys spend a considerable amount of time making and receiving calls. Here’s my list of the top six most common phone situations based on my own experience.

1. The Blitz

During a typical work day, there may be extended periods of time when the phone does not ring followed by periods where all three lines will be ringing at the same time.

2. The Interception

You are expecting a very important call from someone any minute when someone else rings. You pick up the phone thinking you will be able to keep the conversation brief but, instead, the caller keeps you on the line longer than you anticipated and you miss your very important call.

3. Mission Impossible

You are anticipating a call from someone that morning. You have been at your desk all morning and you decide to leave briefly to use the restroom. Naturally, the phone rings from the anticipated caller during the only time you are away from your desk all morning.

4. Tag, You’re It

After just missing a call, you return the call immediately hoping to get the caller back on the line. The phone rings and no one picks up on the other line. The caller is suddenly unavailable after they just called you. What happens in the split second between the missed call and the call back that does not allow a connection to be made?

5. The ‘Can you hear me now?’ Game

You are on the phone with someone that has a poor connection. You or the other caller repeatedly says, “Can you hear me now?” As soon as someone says, “Yes, I can hear you now,” the clarity of the call instantly diminishes. The only words that can be clearly heard during the entirety of the conversation is “Can you hear me now?” because as soon as you try to resume the conversation, the rest of the dialogue becomes inaudible.

6. Red Light, Green Light

You are talking to someone on the phone. As soon as you start to say something, so does the other caller. To be polite, you stop talking. The person on the other line happens to stop talking also. So you start talking again but so does the person on the other line. The simultaneous start and stop of the conversation can occur numerous times throughout the conversation.

Do you have any common phone situations you would like to add to the list?