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DBED Secretary Gill: ‘I’m out of here’

Department of Business and Economic Development Sec. Michael Gill is chomping at the bit to get out of the office.

In a video posted Sunday, Gill, who has been in office about two months, said he is anxious for the end of the Maryland General Assembly Session on April 13.

“In just a few short weeks when the legislative session ends, I’m out of here,” Gill said. “I’m out in the field. I’m out in the counties. I’m out visiting the folks in Allegany. I’m out down in southern Maryland visiting the folks in those great areas like Leonardtown and St. Mary’s. I’m going to be on the Eastern Shore.”


Gill appears in the video with what appears to be his favorite prop: a baseball.

Gill said he plans on taking trips around the state to learn more about the needs of the business community, which he calls his agency’s customers.

“From behind the desk is the most dangerous place to view the world,” Gill said.