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A rendering of Tyson Street on the block. Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects recently completed the concept master plan design for the rehabilitation and redevelopment of twenty existing properties on a 2.5-acre parcel known as Block 563. (Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects illustration)

Architects release new Baltimore West Side plan

Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects have released their vision for the rehabilitation and redevelopment of 20 properties on a 2.5 acre parcel of land that was to be developed as in downtown Baltimore’s West Side.

Aerial Franklin-Park(Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects illustration)

An aerial rendering shows the proposed corner of Franklin and Park streets in Baltimore’s West Side.
(Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects illustration)

The concept redevelopment calls for the preservation of 15 historic structures and facades on Park Avenue, Howard and Franklin streets, according to a news release. Baltimore Development Corp. hired the architecture firm last year  to re-imagine development on the site that has long retarded efforts to try and breathe new life into that portion of the city.

The Murphy & Dittenhafer plan proposes a vibrant mixed-use redevelopment for the entire block that is residentially based, accommodating over 200 new residential units at upper floor levels, over 20 new retail/office/commercial locations at street level, a major new commercial designation within the tall volume lower-level substation spaces, and possibilities for multilevel structured parking at two locations internal to the block and not visible from perimeter streets, with landscaped green roof courtyards above. New mid-block pedestrian connections from Howard Street and Park Avenue are proposed as part of the transformation of this one-block section of Tyson Street from a narrow, nondescript paved roadway to a pedestrian-friendly space celebrating the alley-like culture of the block and the adaptive reuse of the dynamic substation structure.

(Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects submitted photo)

This is how the block looks before the proposed rehabilitation. (Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects submitted photo)


The architecture firm said it expects the Baltimore Development Corp. to release a Request for Proposals from possible developers during the first half of this year.




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