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A jury in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City convicted Randolph Washington of resisting arrest. Washington appeals from the judgment of conviction and asks this Court to review the trial court’s denial of his motion to suppress. We find no merit to Washington’s appeal and shall affirm. BACKGROUND Washington does not challenge the sufficiency of the evidence. Notwithstanding, we have reviewed the record as a whole and need only recite portions of the record for context. See Westray v. State, 217 Md. App. 429, 434 n.2 ( 2014) (collecting cases). See generally Hill v. State, 418 Md. 62, 66 (2011); Cure v. State, 195 Md. App. 557, 561 (2010) (only brief summary necessary), aff’d on other grounds, 421 Md. 300 (2011). In this case, although Washington contests the trial court’s ruling on his motion to suppress, that court heard no testimony and rendered no findings of historical fact.



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