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Some in Ocean Pines up in arms about firearms dealer

Some people, when they retire, decided to do a lot more traveling. Others take up golf or knitting. Jim Kosienski of Ocean Pines, on the other hand, became a licensed federal firearms dealer.

“I could just go to a gun show, and do it a couple days, or once a year if I felt like it,” Kosienski told The Daily Times’ Brian Shane in explaining his new hobby. “I have 10, 15 firearms to take and display. It’s not that big a deal. Believe me, if I ever knew it was going to create havoc like this, I’d have thought twice about it,” he said.

“This” is the alarm raised by some of his neighbors through an Ocean Pines online community forum about Kosienski keeping his wares in his house. Kosienski said he’s been called a “nutcase” and others have expressed concern that his guns could bringing crime and violence into the community.

Kosienski’s application for a special zoning exception to his business permit to allow him to store the guns at his home is scheduled to be heard Thursday night in Worcester County, according to The Daily Times. The county offers a “home occupation” permit allowing someone to run a gun business from their residence so long as there is no public access and the weapons are not stocked in the house, according to The Daily Times.

Ed Tudor, the county’s director of permitting, said such gun shops are common around the county and mainly do sales online. But Tudor acknowledged it’s probably not common in Ocean Pines.

“I’m sure in Ocean Pines, it’s something that gets people’s attention real quick,” he said.