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Kemp, Marvin DESIGN COLLECTIVE webcropMarvin Kemp, AIA, CSI, CDT, Senior Associate for Design Collective, Inc. has been elected by the Middle Atlantic region members of the Construction Specifications Institute as the region’s Institute Director. CSI is a national association dedicated to improving the documentation, management and communication of building information as used by the construction community. The organization is governed by an 18-member board of directors consisting of a president, president-elect, two vice presidents, secretary, treasurer, two directors-at-large, and ten region directors. As Institute Director for the Middle Atlantic, Kemp will represent Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Southern New Jersey and Washington, D.C. on the national board. Kemp has served as an active member of CSI’s Baltimore Chapter since 2000. He was Chapter President from 2007 to 2008 and Chapter Secretary from 2010 to 2014.


Resides in: Towson

Education: Bachelor of Architecture, 1994, Mississippi State University

What is the biggest change you have seen in building documentation in recent years?

“Modeling. We are able to better model our designs virtually. However, that has also led to diminished work in the actual documentation of the conditions in 2D drawings, which are still the industry standard for construction. Design decisions are made earlier in the project phases, which is good, but we have to work harder to make sure those decisions are modeled in the software and also represented in 2D on the printed drawings.”

If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?

“Just as the tools we use to design and build are changing, our roles on project teams are also changing. Owners, designers and builders must all be closer players and collaborate more for the betterment of the project. We can all build better buildings, serve our clients better and be more profitable if we work together more.

Recent vacation: “My parents’ 50th wedding anniversary last fall: Rome, Sienna, Florence, Venice, Milan. My parents had a great time and I finally got to see the great buildings that I had admired and studied in college. I spent several hours on top of the dome of the Florence Cathedral.”

Favorite book: “Brunelleschi’s Dome,” by Ross King. “King tells the tale of its design and construction in beautiful and thoughtful prose.”

Favorite quotation: “Hearing babies cry in church means we have a future.” – Father Sam Lupico