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Millennials, not so urban after all

In almost any plan for development in Baltimore you’ll be told about how much millennials love urban living.

This generation wants to return to the cities that their grandparents abandoned for the suburbs. They want walkability, mass transit and mixed-use development.

Build it and they will come.

But a recent post by data driven journalism site FiveThirtyEight calls that idea into doubt.

Millennials as a whole are not flocking to the city. It’s college educated Millennials that are flocking to the most densely populated areas in major metropolitan areas, according to the website.

While 25- to 29-year-olds are the age group most likely to live in urban neighborhoods, followed by people in their early 20s, that’s hardly a new phenomenon. To see whether millennials are different from earlier generations, we have to compare them with the same age group in the past. College graduates in the highest-density neighborhoods turn out to be a poor guide to whether there’s been a broader generational shift toward city living. Most urban neighborhoods are not Brooklyn, and most 25- to 34-year-olds don’t have bachelor’s degrees.

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