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Miller: Legislature might move ahead without Hogan

The window for negotiations and compromise between legislative fiscal leaders and Gov. Larry Hogan may be closing sooner than expected.

Just hours after legislators expressed some frustration over those negotiations with the Republican governor, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said it may be time to move on without Hogan.

As it stands, lawmakers have reached a compromise spending plan based on versions passed earlier in the House and Senate. Hogan would like changes but the 11th hour discussions over how to fund 2 percent raises for state employee, a non-mandatory formula for education and kick in more money to bolster the state pension system is irritating some lawmakers including Miller.

“The governor has the money to do that,” Miller said of the House and Senate compromise budget.

So if the House and Senate have a compromise, why not sign the agreement and pass it without further engaging Hogan.

“I think that’s what we’re going to have to do,” Miller said.