Civil lawsuit accuses Baltimore developers of fraud

An investor is accusing local developers of fraud regarding the rehabilitation of properties in the North Central Historic District. San Francisco-based Foss and Co. filed a lawsuit in Baltimore City Circuit Court against Ibrahim Sheikh, Mohammed Ali Farooq and Sameena Farooq , as well as the companies Station North Development LLC and Maryland Management & Restoration LLC seeking $75,000 in compensatory damages and undefined punitive damages. The lawsuit accuses Sheikh, with the knowledge of Sameena Farooq and Mohammed Ali Farooq, of knowingly providing false information to secure an investment. "Defendants' scheme was to induce Foss to invest money into the Station North Project, falsify documents and generate false invoices to justify the investment, make false representations to the federal and state governments regarding the level of costs to rehabilitate the Properties to generate Historic Tax Credits, and then sell the Properties and Land, and move on to their next scheme," according to the lawsuit.

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