Reginald Lee Ward, Jr. (hereinafter “Ward”) is the father of Reginald Lee Ward, III (hereinafter “Reggie”). On September 24, 2012, when Reggie was four years old, Ward struck Reggie repeatedly with a belt or cord on the child’s head, ears and back. He continued striking Reggie until Ward’s wife made him stop. The day after the beating, an investigation of Ward’s conduct was commenced by the Frederick City Police Department and the Child Protective Services Department for Frederick County. Ward admitted to investigators that he had struck Reggie repeatedly. As a result of the September 24, 2012 beating, Ward was charged in the Circuit Court for Frederick County with, inter alia, second-degree child abuse as prohibited by Md. Code (2012 Repl. Vol.), Criminal Law Article (“Crim. Law”) section 3-601(d). On September 19, 2013, in the Circuit Court for Frederick County, Ward waived his right to a jury trial and proceeded before a judge by way of a not-guilty agreed statement of facts. After the agreed statement of facts was read into the record, counsel for Ward made a motion for judgment of acquittal. The trial judge denied the motion and found Ward guilty of second-degree child abuse.